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Wow. Already 2023, its like time is speeding as we speak... but that is allright.

This year has been very dynamic for me, as i experienced the feeling of being on the top, as well as experiencing the ultimate downfall of perhaps my entire life. I really never knew what true pain felt like... until I lost my love, and soulmate, mentally scarring her for a life. The pain is still with me as well as with her, and Hanka, if you read this... im terribly sorry still for everything. You deserve so much better than me.

But as we are marching towards the mountains, people get injured along the way. Sometimes, its inevitable. Hazards always come and go, and because of this, there will be people who we need to leave behind, for our own sake, no matter what connection we share, or the bond that held us together.

As im writing this, i am mostly revitalized, and in the process of making a new EDM track. Might also make an experimental EP out of these as well, we will see.

The question still remains about when will i finish "Parts Of Me", which I originally announced last year, but progress didnt really catch up. I swear, i will try my hardest to finish it this year, because the last one wasnt the easiest... but again, we will see.

There were a handful of cool moments though from those 365 days for the record! One of the main highlights was the 15th Anniversary Sketch Collab, which i took part in with the music for it, which was again a collab with @Troisnyx , and the rest of the guys. (shoutout to them, amazing people, wonderful friends.)

This year was also my first entry at NGUAC. Didnt really make the cut, (and i mean i didnt even qualify ffs), but as a first attempt, it was pretty decent. Will probably enter again this year.

I would like to thank my family, my friends, both online and offline, and every people on the mountain of life for their faith in me. May the Spirit be with you all throughout this year as well.

Keep climbing.


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Magical Snot Wizard

Variations on Endless Handbag 5 Points

A commemorative trophy of the smash hit cover of the Endless Handbag loop, where we've crashed the tank and rendered it useless!

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Just a blob of feathers.

Mother Pearl 5 Points

Worth $10,000

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Ancient Spirit of the Forest come to my aid.

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The cat, wood and rock trophies joined together to make the amazing bases trophy, how cylindrical.

Marshmellow 5 Points

Awarded to all the people who survived the marshmellow madness ride, congrats survivor!!!

The Ultimate Turd Trophy 5 Points

If you got this trophy that means you’re the ultimate turd and it’ll be on your record in the metals. Make sure to hide your metals lmao

Cleetus Mc Bill Sr. 5 Points

Who's he to show up in the Project Pixkill Dojo uninvited?